Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick Picnic (no lunch)

Woke up feeling more rested and less sore, it was a nice break. I worked from home until about 11:30 then headed up to Washington Park for a team picnic. It was a nice time even though lunch was just salad stuff since in picking up veggie burgers they selected ones with eggs and dairy in them. I brought some of the apples from the Farmers Market and the rest of the grapes from KW, which many people commented on enjoying.

I was being so mindful of the time, trying to make sure I got to spend time at the picnic but get back in time for my 3PM appointment with my therapist. I kept checking the time, noting the minutes and at 2:35 took off to get across town, near Wilshire Park. I pulled up just at 3PM and parked... right behind the 2PM appointment!

In my diligence at making sure I'd be on time I hadn't paid close enough attention the hour hand on my watch, merely keeping track of the minutes. I was an hour early! I drove over to the house since I had the time and answered some messages from the office. I also had time to have some leftover soup.

AM commented on my getting home chilled and hungry that I should just always take a veggie thing with me to supplement the inevitable salad. Even if I end up not having it, the option is there. Hard to argue the logic of it, it is one of the many times something like this has happened. People mean well, but just aren't as accustomed as I am to reading ingredient lists very carefully.

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