Monday, September 1, 2008

"Whoosh" goes August

The usual routine gets going again tomorrow morning after a weekend of my being hugely indulged and spoiled for my birthday. Amazing good food, drinks and much movie watching. It was a very nice laid back weekend. CK went home a little while ago, laundry is nearly all done, just some more fabric left to finish and put away. I've even repacked a few things in my room to get ready to store behind the closet -- fabric, sewing notions.

Today we all slept in and napped a lot. It was a lazy day. Feel a little bad about that, seems like maybe we should have done something. I reminded myself we've all been so tired and worn out that maybe a day of napping has been what we all needed. AM took pity on our sleepiness and ran to the store for some ingredients. He made us breakfast for dinner this evening -- pumpkin waffles, Gardenburger breakfast sausage, and a tofu scramble. None of us had really had any real off all day, most snacks, so it was nice having a warm dinner. The waffles were particularly nice to have, a real "holiday" type meal since we don't often have them.

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