Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Day Turned Upside Down

Got up into half handstand more easily tonight. I didn't think I would because the front of my psoas was very tight it many of the other poses, but I was able to get up and my hips didn't spasm at all. Still hard -- whenever I try to roll my shoulders into place my feet slide down the wall! It is very surprising to find that it is easier since it isn't a pose I practice a lot.

Today had come to a more positive end than it began. I woke up at 6:25 but drifted back to sleep until 7 when I awoke groggy. My back and hips ached a lot from my class and riding home, I was pretty chilled even if I did immediately get into fleece sweats. I could feel that my sinuses were swollen as well. I pulled myself out of bed and into a hot shower. If I didn't need to be at the office to help install some software and configure it for the assistants, I'd have worked from home.

It was crazy today. I got to my desk a couple of minutes ahead of the team meeting starting. I then sat with KF to continue training on publishing reports and working both our help ticket and change requests processes. Oh do large organizations live for process. I understand why we do it and genuinely know the benefit, but sometimes it stands out as to how complicated some things are. Especially trying to teach it to a new person.

The meeting identified a need for some documentation so I was going back and forth between my desk and the desk of an assistant on vacation, taking screen captures for documentation at her desk. Questions coming in multiple directions and I was still trying to finish putting all the pieces into place for the pear libraries. Then, in a true Shiva-Destroyer moment of unix operating systems, I managed to wipe out the pear installation I'd worked so hard to get running.

A few hours and a massive tension headache later I got things running, the libraries installed, and finally, for the first time since embarking upon this in May, I was able to see some of my very basic code running on my dev/test environment. Granted, now that I know how to load my own packages onto the system things will go much more easily.

It was a rush to get home made difficult by a pile-up on the Broadway Bridge involving 4 cars. Got home and had to hurry about to get into yoga clothes and grab clothes for tomorrow before CK showed up. I was feeling cranky and tired out, my head throbbing despite taking some ibuprofen. Neither of us really wanted to go to class and had to talk ourselves into it.

I was glad we went. By the time class was over my headache was gone and I'd had the fun of practicing half handstand and feeling more confident about it. Afterwards we were unable to resist the the lure of a) not dealing with the kitchen and b) being hungry now so we went over to Dalo's for a veggie platter. The chair made my sit-bones ache so I sat on my hoodie and had a pillow behind me -- so it made it tolerable. That dinner was quick, hot and as tasty as always helped me feel more comfortable as I warmed up eating it.

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