Friday, July 11, 2008

Test Ride 1

I thought about going to yoga this evening -- burning away some of the tension of work. My head hurt so much after work I didn't want to do much of anything. After a little bit AM and I went up to Cascade Cycling and I had a test ride on a Biria Easy Board 7. Somewhat strange looking but I found it very easy to get started and off down the street. I felt a more stable and a lot more comfortable than I had when I rode the Trek. I was actually surprised at how comfortable I was!

I'm still finding shifting unusual (improved, just different), but then I've not been on a bicycle for so long things have changed a lot. The guy at the store first explained why the other Biria bikes were quite a lot more expensive and I realized I didn't understand him at all! I told him so, he explained the encased gears and the ability to shift the bike while it was stationary. Impressive, but I'm fine with the old style gears.

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